Pop-up ads and commercial breaks during videos are the bane of internet users' existence. It's annoying having to constantly exit out of ads that force their way onto the computer screen, and many adware programs have been developed to combat this problem. AdwCleaner is a Windows program that searches for and deletes adware and internet hijackers from your computer with efficiency and speed.


Download from Google Drive (v6.040/3.78 MB)


Title: AdwCleaner
Developer: Xplode
Category: Security
Platforms: Windows

Many ads that pop up on your screen have latched themselves onto free programs that you've downloaded. AdwCleaner targets free programs that add unnecessary toolbars and other programs along with the download to remove them, leaving only the programs and accessories you want. AdwCleaner has a unique algorithm that allows this targeting process, giving you a customized cleaning experience. Unlike Adblocker and similar programs, AdwCleaner removes unwanted adware rather than simply blocking it from appearing.

The program doesn't take up a lot of space on the computer's hard drive; in fact, it's much lighter than other programs. It also runs at high speed, even on Windows 8.1. Users can run the program immediately upon downloading it, as it doesn't require a setup. Quarantined files and backups have their own folder in the main computer drive that can be easily accessed if users want reports on what was deleted. AdwCleaner runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, but Internet Explorer is the only browser that allows users to exclude certain items from deletion when they are automatically selected.

AdwCleaner's simple user interface makes it an attractive program for those looking for easy operation. There are four options on the main screen: Scan, Clean, View Reports and an option to remove AdwCleaner. The scanning function will show you what files need to be removed from your computer, which you can then review. You can then remove the programs by using the Clean function. View Reports will show you previous cleaning operations and what files were removed. AdwCleaner also creates backups before every cleaning so users can recover files if needed. This makes the cleaning process worry-free for anyone who's afraid of accidentally deleting important information.

Although the program sometimes comes up with false positives, AdwCleaner often finds files for deletion that other programs don't. AdwCleaner is quite thorough and picks up the slack that other programs often leave behind. Its RAM consumption is minimal, so users with slower processors can still clean their computer quickly. The best part is that it's completely free to use. No subscription fees or yearly renewals are needed, and users get far more than they pay for when they choose to download AdwCleaner. It's efficient, cheap and effective.